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Rhizome Studio WK 6

Name Nook

The team finally decided on a name for the project. Rhizome. It's the placeholder we have been using for our VR files, and we couldn't come up with anything better. But we think it has merit, growing the trillium rhizome is the main point of both games.

We Looked At . . .

Scientific illustrations!

Board Game Development

Officially in Beta!

After 6-ish variations of prototypes for the board game, we have something that feels close. Cary says the team can finally move from naming iterations "IT-#" to "Beta - whatever question we're asking through the prototype".

Stop Motion Documentation

To show Susan and Robert our gameplay remotely, we created a stop motion play through. Unfortunately, there aren't any stop motion setups in A+A that can fit our game area. So we snatched some table legs and rods to suspend a phone above our slab of wood with two Ikans to light up this corner. Totally safe.

VR Development

We have a title screen, so we're basically legit now.

3D Assets

Cook back at it with increasingly more terrifying nematodes. And more iterations of the nutrients to match the style on our printed nutrient tokens.

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