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Rhizome Studio WK 5

Name Nook

  • dirt

  • into the mycorrhiza

  • plump rhizome

  • the great rhizome race

  • the next seed

  • seed to seed

  • spread

Board Game Development - IT6

We're borrowing assets from Forbidden Desert, Catan, and Unearth to see if similar mechanics could work for our game.

Questions of this prototype:

  • How do we privilege growing the rhizome?

  • How do we show the effort required to grow the rhizome, above ground plant, and seed?

  • How does using nutrient tiles instead of cards affect gameplay?

2D Assets

Event Deck Cards

Board Tiles

Nutrients Tokens

Player Trillium Tracker

Print. Cut. Press.

We're upgrading from scribbling on index cards to cutting out printed artwork.

And pressing the cutest nutrient tokens.

VR Development

We now have a video to show our underground world. Look up and you see your rhizome. Look back and see your mycorrhizal trail. Nutrients float around waiting to be collected. But watch out for nematodes snaking around and hostile fungi spores.

3D Assets

Cook making increasingly terrifying nematodes and Sam working on a rhizome.

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