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Design(er) Meta Game

                           “Which designer was not afraid to fail?”

                           “Which is the best use of a cliché?”

                           “Which is the most negative?”

                           “Which designer is more inspiring to you?”

                           “Which makes the best use of humor?”

                           “Which makes the most effective use of symmetry?”

                           “Which makes the most successful use of negative space?”

                           “Which is the best use of color?”

                           “Which makes the best use of repetition?” geometry?” the grid system?”

                           “Which makes the most effective use of color?”

                           “Which has the most innovative typography?”

                           “Which uses materials to convey emotion?”

The Project

The Problem:

This class started as an effort to bridge the foundations program to the first sophomore studio design class.

The goal was to introduce students to “Design Thinking” and expose them to the professional resources and vocabulary they would need to utilize to be successful in the program. We also wanted to create a class that would be useful to non-majors who might benefit from design thinking in their disciplines. One problem that was constantly encountered was, no matter how specific, how clearly an assignment was presented, there were always a considerable number of questions. Upon reflection, I believe the reason for this is the students and the instructor had incompatible goals.  the instructor was determined to create an environment where students acknowledged there was no one right answer and were curious about how others had approached the same question and solved the same problem. The students wanted to know what the instructor wanted.

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