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Cultivating Curiosity


The App Farm offers new forms of knowledge creation

in an effort to develop more effective and socially relevant

educational experiences that enable students to better understand

the world around them and empower/equip them to make a positive impact.

About Us

The App.Farm is an interdisciplinary, interdepartmental, experimental

game and app design studio

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Meet Our Team

Staples Cary

Cary Staples

Professor of Graphic Design, Director of The App Farm

Timothy Arment

Timothy Arment

Lecturer in Graphic Design,

Producer and Game Designer,

Digital Visualization Designer


Virtual Reality


In the App Farm, learning is both the input and the output. Students learn game design, game mechanics using both physical and digital tools as a mechanic to explore content.

The UTK App Farm


Students study the mechanics of games, interfaces, etc. to learn how to best communicate information through the media in which they are working.


The output is tested in the real world, and students refine their ideas and process to create a final product that serves to both teach the creator as well as the audience.

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